The story of the Abondance Valley cheese has been closely linked to the Abondance Abbey’s history since the 11th century. The Abondance Abbey monks encouraged the pastoral development. In 1381, the cheese acquired patents of nobility during the election of Pope Clement VII in Avignon because it was served at the conclave table. Very quickly, it found its place at the best tables of the Court of Savoy. The cheese became so well known that it was used as a barter in an era when cash was scarce.

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    A.O.P. Cheese Since 1990

    This cheese is in the form of a flat cylindrical wheel with a smooth amber rind. The cheese wheel weighs between 6 and 12kg. It has a soft and tender texture, ivory to pale yellow in colour, and has fruity flavours of pineapple, apricot, citrus and hazelnut. A casein label on the concave heel of the Abondance cheese identifies the producer: oval and green for farmhouse cheeses, square and red for dairies. On average, 10 litres of unpasteurised milk is needed to obtain 1kg of Abondance cheese. The produce are traditionally made: the size of the cheese dairies is regulated and on farms, many of the operations continue to be manual.

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    Abondance Cows

    Easily recognisable with their red mahogany coats and white eye patches you can see them in the Alpine meadows on your hikes.

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    A gourmet speciality to discover!

    Le Berthoud! Come to a local restaurant and discover this traditional dish that is made from Abondance cheese!

La Maison du Fromage Abondance

La Maison du Fromage Abondance invites you to discover how Abondance cheese and Savoie cheese are made through a fun and sensory journey. Games and workshops for children. Onsite shop.



You can discover all the dairies in the Pays d’Évian Vallée d’Abondance.


Dairies in Abondance

Here is a list of all the dairies that produce Abondance cheese.

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