In Abondance and the surrounding area, you will discover many unique lakes.

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  • Lac de Fontaine (1335 mètres)
  • Lacs de Conche et de la Mouille
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Lake Plagnes (1,190m)

Situated in lush green surroundings and accessible by car, Lake Plagnes is a popular destination for hikers, anglers and nature lovers. It is the departure point for numerous walks, this area will unveil all the valley’s natural riches: forests, animals, waterfalls and more.

To enjoy some refreshments or spend the night in the mountains, the Tindérêts Refuge is situated at about one hour’s walking distance. There are restaurants and picnic tables in the vicinity of the lake.

Lake Tavaneuse (1,805m)

Nestled at the foot of the Piron’s cliffs, between rocky outcrops and alpine meadows, Lake Tavaneuse is one of the most beautiful lakes in Chablais.  An intermediate 2h15 uphill walk from the Prétairié car park, or from Lake Plagnes, passing the Ardens chalets. Experienced hikers can also head for the Roc de Tavaneuse (2,156m) summit.

  • Lac d’Arvouin (1667 mètres)

    Lake Arvouin (1,667m)

    Situated on the upper reaches of La Chapelle d’Abondance, this lake is accessible by foot on various different paths.

  • Lac de Fontaine (1335 mètres)

    Lake Fontaine (1,335m)

    Accessible by car, on foot, or mountain bike from Vacheresse. It can also be the departure point for a hike to join the Bise or Ubine chalets.

  • Lacs de Conche et de la Mouille

    Lake Conche and Lake La Mouille

    Situated on Châtel’s upper reaches, accessible using the Super Châtel cable car, about 15mins on foot. You can access Morclan using the chairlift. Included in the Multi Pass.

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    Lake Darbon

    The intermediate-level hikes that reach Darbon Lake (1,955m) will take you across authentic Chablais Alpine meadows where you will discover the beautiful surrounding peaks from Bise in Vacheresse.